• 14.12.2023

    Keynote Speech with Holger Hetzel & Christine Dorenkamp

    Holger Hetzel answers your questions! Be there when the owner of the internationally renowned equestrian center, together with his stable manager, gives exclusive insights into his professional business.

  • Aachen Dressage Youngstars 2023

    First-class conclusion to the season and a diversified show programme | Local matador competing in the Children’s age group

    Top equestrian sport and a festively decorated Albert-Vahle Arena – these are the ingredients of the star-studded end-of-the-year show for aspiring young dressage riders at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. 77 talents from 19 nations will be competing at the Aachen Dressage Youngstars from November 30th – December 3rd. One of them is the local matador, Lynn Greven, from RV Aachen.

  • 02.01.-15.02.2024

    Professional training on the equestrian simulator – New dates

    Take the chance to have your seat checked and analyzed by a professional simulator coach on the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS equestrian simulator.

  • 11.12.2023

    Secure your ticket now: Live training with Lars and Gerrit Nieberg at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS

    They are currently one of the most successful family teams on the showgrounds of the world: The Olympic gold medallist, World and European Champion, Lars Nieberg, and his son Gerrit, who took the equestrian world by storm with his surprise victory in the Rolex Grand Prix at the CHIO Aachen in 2022. On December 11th, the pair will be giving valuable insights into their joint everyday training routine in the scope of a hosted, live training at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS.

  • 05.12.2023

    Course jumping in a Christmas show atmosphere

    Attention show jumpers! You always wanted to ride on the CHIO Aachen grounds? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you! On Tuesday, December 5th, we offer a course jumping in a Christmas show atmosphere between 1.30 pm and 7.30 pm. On the following weekend, Germany's best young show jumpers will compete against each other in the same setting at the Aachen Jumping Youngstars.

  • Dressage Olympic gold-medallist, Charlotte Dujardin, impresses with her live training session at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS

    It was educational, enjoyable and very entertaining: The British dressage rider, Charlotte Dujardin, gave insights into her trusted training philosophy for the first time at the grounds of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS and enchanted the spectators in the Deutsche Bank Stadium with her charming, humorous and inspiring manner.

  • The new class of the Programme of Excellence

    We proudly present: Our new class of the Programme of Excellence! Our young talent initiative with the Head Coaches Isabell Werth for dressage and Jos Lansink for show jumping goes into the 4th round.

  • ESM patron Henrik von Eckermann: “Well-trained staff is of elementary importance!”

    The Olympic team champion, European team champion, double world champion and world number one Henrik von Eckermann has taken over the patronship for the “Equestrian Stable Management” certificate program of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS and the RWTH International Academy. We spoke to the 41-year-old rider about his motivation for supporting this program and the importance of the employees for an international competition yard.

  • Beaming faces at the “Family Day”

    The second “Family Day” of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS was a total success. Young, upcoming riders demonstrated their skills in show jumping classes up to level A** and numerous attractions offered plenty of fun for the entire family. The rainy weather didn’t dampen the spirits at all.

  • Beezie Madden: "Equestrian Stable Management is more than an office job!"

    Her collection of international medals is enormous. And even though Elizabeth "Beezie" Madden now only takes part in tournaments in small doses, the 59-year-old's everyday life still revolves around her great passion, horses. We talked to the US-American about the work on her farm in Cazenovia in the state of New York and found out why it is so important for her to pass on her wealth of experience in the "Equestrian Stable Management" certification program, which is offered as part of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS.

  • CHIO Aachen CAMPUS 2023 - These are the highlights of the coming months

    From Michaels-Beerbaum, to Kittel and Schneider, through to the Niebergs – the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS holds numerous attractive training and educational offers with some of the top riders and trainers in the world in store again this year.

  • World Champion Henrik von Eckermann is the patron of the “Equestrian Stable Management” certificate programme

    He is team Olympic gold medallist, World Champion and has topped the world ranking list for some time: The show-jumper, Henrik von Eckermann! And the team that contributes to the achievements of the Swedish rider is as professional as his excellent performances in the saddle.

  • Studying at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS

    The extra-occupational “Equestrian Stable Management” certificate programme starts in the spring of 2024

    Professionals employed in the equestrian industry can profit from the brand-new certificate programme of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS and the RWTH International Academy in future. Newcomers to the profession can obtain optimal training for the rising demands of the future in the scope of the Junior Programme, whilst participants with more experience in the field can enrol for the Senior Programme.

  • A fantastic evening with the riding master Ingrid Klimke

    Educational, entertaining and enjoyable: The masterclass of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS with the riding master Ingrid Klimke impressed the audience

    She is one of the most successful riders in the world. And one of the most versatile! And that is precisely what the riding master Ingrid Klimke impressively and very convincingly demonstrated during the masterclass of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. In the scope of the three and half hour programme she trained eight horse and rider pairs through the warm-up phase, in dressage, jumping and over eventing obstacles in the fully-packed, seasonally decorated Albert-Vahle Arena.

  • Aachen Jumping Youngstars 2022

    Stars of the South – Bavaria strong in Aachen

    The best aspiring young show-jumpers are still turning off in the other direction at the traditional showgrounds of the CHIO Aachen. At the weekend, once they had saddled their horses they headed a few metres North after leaving the stables – to the Albert-Vahle arena. Their big role models on the other hand head to the West in the Summer for the legendary Main Stadium. Many of the young athletes, who competed in four age categories from Thursday to Sunday, will be taking the route to the West in just a few years’ time.

  • Aachen Jumping Youngstars 2022

    Double European Champion Tony Stormanns has the shortest journey

    Enjoy the Christmas market atmosphere while watching top equestrian sport live – that is what the Aachen Jumping Youngstars is all about. When it comes down to the title of the Indoor Champions presented by Uvex at the grounds of the CHIO Aachen from December 1st-4th, the aspiring young show-jumper and local hero Tony Stormanns from Eschweiler will be competing for the first time.

  • Aachen Dressage Youngstars 2022

    Looking into the crystal ball

    When the best aspiring young riders meet up at the Aachen Youngstars it is always like taking a look into the crystal ball: Since this is where the future participants of the CHIO Aachen meet up, it is the stars of tomorrow, who ride into the dressage or jumping ring in the Albert-Vahle Arena. This weekend it was the top dressage riders and from Thursday onwards the show-jumpers will take to the ring.

  • Aachen Dressage Youngstars 2022

    Top-class conclusion to the season before Christmas

    Top dressage sport and a festively decorated indoor arena – these are the ingredients of the Aachen Dressage Youngstars, of the star-studded show for aspiring young dressage riders held at the CHIO Aachen grounds at the end of the year. 83 participants from 13 nations will compete against each other from November 24th – 27th.

  • An app for the well-being of the horse is the winning project at the second CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Hackathon

    Making the CHIO Aachen fit for the future with new ideas – that is the principle behind the Hackathon, which the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS organise jointly with the digitalHUB Aachen. After the premiere last year, young people met up for the second time to develop innovative projects over the course of three days and two nights.

  • Masterclass of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS

    Live training with Ingrid Klimke

    From the warm-up phase through to the cross-country obstacle: On December 7, the team Olympic gold medallist, Ingrid Klimke, will demonstrate at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS, how she trains riders and her horses. Fantastic opportunity: All ticket holders can apply to take part with their horse!

  • CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Programme of Excellence: New year gets underway

    Participants from all over the globe: The third year of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Programme of Excellence has got underway.

  • Instructive training with Jessica von Bredow-Werndl at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS

    At the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS we had the pleasure to welcome Jessica von Bredow-Werndl during the last days.

  • Ingrid Klimke meets Uli Hoeneß – The #neuland congress and the future of the sport

    An interview with Michael Mronz, General Manager of the Aachener Reitturnier GmbH and CEO of the Rhein Ruhr City GmbH

  • Dorothee Schneider: “Transitions are the lifeblood of suppleness”

    Team Olympic gold medallist gives exclusive insights into the daily training with her horses at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS.

  • Successful Full-Service Training Days at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS

    A beaming sun and beaming faces: The newly created training day at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS was a total success for both the dressage riders and the show-jumpers. The participants not only took an exclusive assessment by Dorothee Schneider and Rob Ehrens, respectively, home with them, but also valuable tips for themselves and their four-legged sports partners in terms of health & fitness.

  • Seminar at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS: The optimal preparation for a competition

    How can I prepare myself optimally for the next competition? That was the key theme of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Seminar “Fit for the show jumping course!”. In both a theory and a practical part, the experts Matthias Bojer and Lars Meyer zu Bexten gave the participants helpful tips. At the end of the seminar, it was clear to everyone: Good preparation doesn’t just start at the show.

  • The first dates are online!

    CHIO Aachen CAMPUS 2022

    The CHIO Aachen CAMPUS offers attractive training and education offers for the equestrian sport all year round – at the highest level and on the probably most famous equestrian site in the world.

  • Olympic flair in Aachen

    As a replacement for the Youth Olympic Games, the FEI Youth Equestrian Games are being staged during the CHIO Aachen 2022 (June 24th to July 3rd, 2022). 30 young talents from 30 nations will be travelling to Aachen to compete against the best of the best - supported by the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS.

  • Further education at the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS

    The grounds at the Aachen Soers are not only a very special place during the event, with the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS it is also a permanent and year-round centre for international equestrian sport.

  • This is what the first CHIO Aachen Hackathon was like

    The indoor arena was transformed into a lounge where heads were spinning for more than 48 hours - with one goal: to improve the CHIO Aachen experience. The highlights of the event are available in the video.

  • That is why it is much more difficult for aspiring young dressage riders, compared to show-jumpers

    The Aachen Dressage Youngstars began yesterday, an international dressage show for aspiring young riders. Also on board: Participants of the current CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Programme of Excellence, who are trained by the Head Coach, Isabell Werth. We spoke with the most successful rider in the world about the difficulties young riders encounter during the transition over to the adult circuit.

  • Winning team makes dressage more transparent

    Laptops instead of obstacles, the sound of keyboards instead of hooves: The indoor school has been turned into a lounge, the creative atmosphere is accompanied by the beats of the DJ David Lulley. The first CHIO Aachen Hackathon “smart CHIO” in the Albert Vahle Arena at the showgrounds brought 60 creative minds from all over Germany together from Thursday to Saturday.

  • Great mood and creative ideas at the CHIO Aachen Hackathon

    They have come from Leipzig, from Dresden and of course from the Aachen region, there’s even a purely Chinese team taking part: The first CHIO Aachen Hackathon, which is being jointly organised by the CAMPUS and the digitalHub Aachen, got underway on Thursday.

  • CHIO Aachen CAMPUS: The new year of the Excellence Program starts

    13 participants, 7 nations, one goal: Mastering the transition into the professional sport. From Monday onwards, the Programme of Excellence of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS will be supporting talented young show-jumpers and dressage riders with this aim. The new year starts on Monday.

  • The future shimmers silver

    The design is futuristic, the architecture sustainable: The Aachen Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV) is planning the new construction of the “CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Arena”. The multifunctional and sustainable building is to replace the rather antiquated Albert Vahle Arena on Hubert Wienen-Straße and become the Centre of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. The arena is going to be oval-shaped and will be a highly-modern equestrian sport and event centre.

  • Isabell Werth sets up camp in Aachen

    Many-time Olympic gold medallist, World and European Champion and winner of the Deutsch Bank Prize at the CHIO Aachen – Isabell Werth, the most successful rider in the world holds many titles. She now has a new one: Head Coach Dressage of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS Programme of Excellence. We spoke to her about this and current aspiring youngsters at her own yard.

  • Winning is a matter of mind – losing is too!

    There were a lot of topics to be discussed in the scope of the online consulting session of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS on the topic of “Mental strength in the equestrian sport”. Many of you tuned in to listen to our expert Antje Heimsoeth and pose her questions. We have summarised the most important statements for you.

  • Training under top conditions

    “We are delighted that after these long months of not being able to offer any training courses, we can now at least offer outdoor training sessions to the selected circle of aspiring young top talents – under observance of the current Corona provisions, of course,” said Stefan Knopp, Director of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS, drawing a positive balance after the three training days of the Programme of Excellence.

  • Should I vaccinate my horse?

    There was plenty to discuss during the online consultation session of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS on the theme of the “Equine Herpes Virus“: What is it exactly, what effects does it have, how can I protect my horse? Many of you tuned in to listen to the experts and ask them questions. We have summarised the most important statements for you.

  • CHIO Aachen CAMPUS: Programme of Excellence launched

    They are among the most promising young show jumpers: Six top talents are currently training in Aachen, the Programme of Excellence of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS has got underway.

  • CHIO Aachen CAMPUS: 365 days CHIO Aachen

    CHIO Aachen 365 days a year – that is the idea behind the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS. The infrastructure at the traditional showgrounds is to be used just as intensively as the existing know-how and the networks.

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